Clients Say

“I’m at a loss for words when it comes to Suzanne Bank Designs. Her incredible talent and guidance are absolutely amazing! I brought Suzanne in to assist me in rearranging my home office. Entering the room she was instantly able to identify where and how items should be placed as well as what was needed. Suzanne understands her clients needs and does everything to accommodate them. Working with her is a great investment. Since using her services, my team and I have noticed an influx of sales and clarity.”
Randy Fuhrman, Randy Fuhrman Events

“In my last three homes, I’ve sought the advice of designer and Feng Shui master, Suzanne Bank. She produces amazing results, including “clearing” the space of negative energy so that better things can come in. If your space needs a makeover or you’re moving to a new home, consider her.”
Sheila Lowe, Author and Handwriting examiner

“Suzanne Bank did a Feng Shui consultation and energy clearing of my home and office in January of 2018. I am amazed at the transformation she was able to make in my office, simply by rearranging where things were placed, including where I sat. I am more energized, focused and productive in my work, within the peaceful environment she created. As I was completing the reorganization, a call came in that will bring me an additional $10,000 in income. Talk about fast results! I followed her suggestions to change the placement of certain items and to add a few pieces of furniture. The results have been amazing! Even more impressive, my income increased more than $150,000 over what I made in the previous year. I highly recommend Suzanne to help you create an environment where you can flourish and thrive.”
John Maguire, Kinesiology Institute

“I appreciate the work you did for me and I have received an unexpected benefit! My 130lb. Rottweiler, Bram, always preferred my sofa or window seat to his enormous custom-made bed. After you repositioned his sleeping area, he has slept in his own bed every night. He loves his new “cave” under the grand piano so much that I was even able to get rid of the annoying doggie alarm system. You can add to your list of satisfied customers one dog and one Mistress.”
Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark

“I am writing to share how amazing it is working with Suzanne and having her bring Feng Shui and interior design expertise to my home and life. I live in Canada, so our work has been via phone and Skype. It has already – and we have just started – been magical. I can feel a new flow of energy throughout my home and life…and little miracles have begun to happen, as I have applied her suggestions. I am really excited and grateful for her amazing insight and understanding of energy, color, and use of space. I am leaping with joy! Anyone feeling stuck or needing a push in the right direction needs her expertise! Thank you, Suzanne!”
Christiane Schull

“Suzanne Bank is a phenomenal designer with exceptional talents in interior design, notably incorporating Feng Shui. She has directly and dramatically improved my “spaces” both professionally and personally with her expertise! Her work in my space at The Wall Street Journal launched my career into the stratosphere. A few years later a sharp yet simple re-design of my office at a notable advertising agency led to my project’s award-winning success. My most recent project called for a space clearing to set the stage for the sale of a multi-million dollar residential property. Suzanne’s thoughtful interventions and designs removed the stagnation that I had been experiencing with the property over a period of several months – just days after her work was completed I secured a buyer and completed the sale without delay.”
Marcelle Sirkus

“When we decided to build our dream home on a remote ranch in Siskiyou County, in Northern California, we turned to Suzanne Bank Designs very early in the project. Suzanne quickly made important Feng Shui corrections to the architectural plans and added to the overall appearance of our home. She was able to do everything hundreds of miles away via blueprints, photos, drawings, emails, and phone calls. She was on top of every step of the construction. She is very easy to work with and has impeccable taste. Now that we have been in our home for three years, our appreciation for what Suzanne added is even more a blessing to us. From the actual layout of the house to the baseboard heights, and kitchen knobs, Suzanne carefully guided us. The result of her involvement is a beautiful home that is more than anything we had even thought possible! She is amazing.”
Sarah Rose & Loch Jones

“Thank you for helping us with redecorating our office! You worked wonders with our already-existing furniture and equipment, and we were able to get great results without spending much on new accessories or furniture. All of our clients have remarked how great the offices look, and I know they really appreciate our new client library. Thanks to your arrangement, they now have a comfortable, private place to read or look at a video.
There’s no doubt that the space feels great, and we’ve had a lot of recent success with helping difficult couples resolve their divorce settlements. The Friday afternoon cleansing ritual you suggested is a chance to stop work and begin a thoughtful reflection of the week, and a pleasant way to transition to the weekend, putting the week’s stresses behind us. Best of all, you’ve been great to work with and you really have an eye for the best placement of everything in the office. We appreciate your attention to detail.”
Diana Mercer, Attorney-Mediator, Peace Talks Mediation Services

“We have been working with Suzanne over the past 17 years in 3 different homes, and she’s never failed to surprise and delight us with her intuition, insight, professionalism, and dedication. As a seasoned Feng Shui expert and interior designer Suzanne has effortlessly incorporated Feng Shui “cures” in our homes. She has advised us on colors, artwork, plants, positioning of furniture, lighting and accessories. Each time she cleared out old energy patterns from previous residents and we’ve felt happier, healthier and more productive. Major positive shifts have quickly happened every time we have worked with her. Her work is sensational!”
Bianca and Michael Alexander,

“I felt an overwhelming surge of energy when I walked into the showroom that Suzanne Bank had Feng Shui’d for a tenant of mine. Her work put me in a great frame of mind. I immediately hired her for my home, which now gets raves from everyone.”
Julie Newmar

“I brought Suzanne Bank in to transform my new home in Marina Del Rey from a sterile environment into a beautiful, warm, and comfortable home. The work began immediately following the close of escrow. Given my timeline, Suzanne worked with me over a period of several years to make all the changes. The first project was to locate the fireplace which had been covered over, then incorporate it into a custom entertainment center, creating an important focal point in the living room. We added crown and base molding throughout to give a finished designer look. In the kitchen, she added an island that provided much needed counter and storage space. She opened up a poorly designed master bath and gave it a spa-like feeling. The scope of her work included every room and even the patio where we added a water feature. Her design decisions took into consideration my desires and lifestyle and the fact that I had 4 cats and a dog. I enjoyed 8 years in my home before I sold it and moved back East. The sale was quick and I got top dollar. I took almost everything with me and it all works so well in my new home. I think of Suzanne often when I look at all the beautiful things she brought into my life. From architectural design to furniture, window treatments, and garden design, Suzanne brought color, light, and harmony into my home. She is a truly gifted designer.”
Marti McKinley

“The changes Suzanne made in our living space has made a HUGE difference in how my husband is feeling. He has not been himself for quite sometime and I along with the doctors were very concerned. Since Suzanne worked with us my husband’s health, clarity and outlook in general has greatly improved.
Gail Ritter-Steinberg, Coldwell Banker

“As the commander of a complex and challenging environment, Suzanne Bank created a space for me that opened communication and energy with community leaders and police officers as well. Her work speaks for itself.”
John Mutz, Former Police Captain, LAPD Wilshire Division