Setting Energy Right

For years, Suzanne Bank, founder of Energy-Balanced Environments  has been providing her clients with life-changing and energy-shifting services.  Suzanne chooses to serve those who want and need positive energy and environmental harmony in their homes and workspaces. Her energy-balancing designs from California to New York have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and numerous national publications.

Positively Energizing Your Move, and Your Mood

In our work, each session includes clearing and removing existing negative energy, and energy blocks, in the client’s home or work environment, preparing for the next chapter of their life. This could be a move to a new home, a new business, a new job, a new marriage, or any new experience life has in store for them.

Masterful Timeless Design

Suzanne Bank Designs creates re-alignment within the environment ready to support the client and their future goals, dreams, and desires. Complimenting the re-alignment, we apply masterful and timeless design, rearranging existing furniture, art, and accessories for a fresh look, positive energy, joy, and harmony. These result in a natural energy flow that welcomes the client to move forward with their life.

Proactive Project Management That Makes Your Move Joyful

The diverse career Suzanne Bank brings to our work includes designing Showcase Houses, creating future ready model homes in which form follows function, and planning architectural, land lifestyle integration of real property developments. Suzanne Bank has always felt blessed to serve a wide variety of clients from newly married couples to celebrities recognized worldwide.

Energy Balancing Environments Includes Ancient Principles of Feng Shui

Decades ago, Suzanne began to gather wisdom about how the ancient art of placement affects one’s relationship to their environment, deepening her studies with Master Lin Yun, the world- leading authority from Feng Shui’s esteemed Black Hat Sect. Throughout her life’s work Suzanne has continued exploring and developing powerful techniques to bring positive results into the lives of the people seeking her work.

Suzanne Bank Designs Shares Her Gift Through Her Work

Together, Suzanne’s masterful design and her spiritual gifts create a blend of positive energy, light, and movement. Suzanne’s spiritual path has raised her work to an even higher level of expression. During a conference in Peru where western doctors meet eastern healers, Suzanne became transfixed feeling energy coming from her hand. The up-leveling of her work continues today, giving energy clearings and healings.

Suzanne Bank Designs on TV

This powerful, natural and impactful work, is showcased on the PBS segment of Conscious Living.  You may view the episode at https://youtu.be/ngyBb_n8Vbg

Achieving Energy-Balanced Environments Remotely

For decades, sessions were done on-site only. Today Energy-Balanced Environments are achieved remotely, often thousands of miles from their clients’ environments. In all our remote projects, we ensure the environments are cleared, protected, planned, re-designed, and furnished in ways that enable energy to flow unblocked, creating openness and harmony that welcomes, comforts and supports the individual.

The Importance of Contributing to Community

Suzanne puts a high priority on contributing to her community. She was one of the first Consultants of Masterful Interior Design and Ancient Feng Shui to Coldwell Banker Concierge Services. She served as a Board Member for The Ebell of Los Angeles and spring fundraising event chair honoring Bullocks Wilshire, for the Wilshire Community Police Council as fundraising chair for a decade, and for the Wilshire Community Police Advisory Board. In addition, she served as a Big Sunday (A Day of Giving) Event Chair, and for many years as an active Trustee for the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society and as its Landmark Awards Chair. She rallied a group of young married couples to raise awareness and funds for mentally retarded children, forming H.A.R.C., then separately produced a successful fundraising Gala for Los Angeles Retarded Children’s Foundation. She even served as a judge for the World Championships of Performing Arts and all aspects of the Huntington Harbor Christmas Boat Parade.

Take The First Step To Prepare For You Moving Forward

Suzanne Bank Designs masterfully prepares your space now that you’re ready for a new chapter in your life. To schedule an Energy-Balancing Session, contact Suzanne Bank Designs by email at info@SuzanneBankDesigns.com or call us at (818) 760-2064 or CLICK the BUTTON below.