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Meet Suzanne Bank

Harmonizing Spaces As A Interior Designer and Feng Shui Expert

Discover Suzanne Bank, the creative force behind Suzanne Bank Designs, who has dedicated her life to transforming living and working environments through the powerful combination of interior design, her Feng Shui expertise, and energy clearings. Featured in the Los Angeles Times, on PBS "Living Zen", and various national publications, Suzanne's designs spans across the Unites States and her work touches the lives of countless clients, including newlyweds and world-renowned celebrities.

Suzanne's approach as a Feng Shui Interior Designer is to learn about you, your dreams, and your desired manifestations. With an open mind and heart, she respects and supports clients in clearing away what no longer serves them, bringing greater balance and harmony into their lives. The journey begins with an initial session, followed by periodic tune-ups to maintain the flow necessary for continued success.


How Feng Shui Can Transform Your Home

Discover the power of Feng Shui with expert Suzanne Bank, as she reveals the art of placement and balance to transform a mid-century L.A. home. Experience the transformation and be inspired to bring harmony and balance to your own space. Watch the video now!

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Our Holistic Approach

Design, Energy, and Balance in Your Home and Workspace

A well-designed space looks beautiful and also fosters positive energy and harmony. Each project begins with an energy clearing session to remove negativity and energy blocks, preparing the environment for a fresh start. Our timeless designs are meticulously crafted to support your goals, dreams, and desires, utilizing the ancient principles of Feng Shui and modern interior design techniques to create a space that welcomes and nurtures.

The Design Process

Personalized Spaces that Reflect Your Essence

Once Suzanne gets to know her clients, the design process begins with an idea, evolving into a concept that results in a warm and inviting space infused with positive energy. The goal is to create a sanctuary to renel, refresh, and rejuvenation, reflecting the client's personality and making them feel at home.

Focusing on existing architectural elements or creating new ones, Suzanne interprets her client's wish list and collaborates with them to develop the desired look. She explores possibilities using Carlton Wagner's subconscious response to color and Feng Shui philosophy while adhering to the principle that form follows function. Every aspect of the design process is considered and discussed, resulting in a unique and well-received eclectic style that can be found in stores, showrooms, offices, and residences.


Remote Services

Achieving Harmony with Online Feng Shui Consultations and Interior Design

Gone are the days of on-site consultations only. We now offer remote energy-balancing and interior design services, reaching clients thousands of miles away while still maintaining the same level of care and attention. Our remote projects ensure spaces are cleared, protected, and furnished in a manner that promotes unobstructed energy flow and harmony. Suzanne's goal when working with long-distance clients is to achieve a stress-free, enjoyable project resulting in an ideal environment.

Suzanne's Journey

Merging Interior Design with Feng Shui and Spiritual Energy Healing

Suzanne's dedication to Feng Shui began under the tutelage of Master Lin Yun, a leading authority from the esteemed Black Hat Sect. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills and developed powerful techniques to bring about positive change. Embracing her spiritual gifts, Suzanne continues to elevate her work, offering energy clearings and healings alongside her exceptional interior design services.

Community Involvement

Giving Back through Feng Shui Interior Design

Suzanne believes in the importance of contributing to her community. Over the years, she has served on various boards and contributed her interior design and Feng Shui expertise to numerous charitable organizations, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her clients' spaces.

Begin Your Transformation

Embrace Your New Chapter with Confidence and Feng Shui Design

Ready to embark on a new chapter in your life? Trust Suzanne Bank Designs to masterfully prepare your space for the journey ahead.

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