Discover the Power of Interior Design, Feng Shui, and Energy Healing

A Passionate Interior Designer and Feng Shui Expert

Suzanne Bank, the creative force behind Suzanne Bank Designs, is an accomplished interior designer, Feng Shui expert, and energy healer with years of experience transforming living and working environments. Her unique approach combines design principles with Feng Shui techniques and energy healing, creating spaces that are both visually stunning and also fosters positive energy and harmony.

Beginning her journey as an interior designer, Suzanne's passion for her craft led her to explore the ancient art of feng shui. She deepened her knowledge under the tutelage of Master Lin Yun, a world-leading authority from the esteemed Black Hat Sect. Over the years, Suzanne honeds her skills and developed powerful techniques to bring about positive change in her clients' lives.

Embracing her spiritual gifts, Suzanne experienced an energy awakening during a conference in Peru where western doctors met eastern healers. This life-changing moment led her to incorporate energy healing into her practice, elevating her work to an even higher level of expression. Today, Suzanne's masterful designs, Feng Shui expertise, and spiritual gifts create a blend of positive energy, light, and movement that transforms her clients' spaces and lives.

Suzanne's Approach: Personalized, Compassionate, and Holistic

Suzanne's approach to design and energy work is deeply personal and rooted in compassion. She begins each project by getting to know her clients, learning about their dreams, desires, and aspirations. With an open mind and heart, she creates a supportive and non-judgmental space for her clients, ensuring that all communications remain confidential.

At the core of Suzanne's work is the belief that a well-designed space should serve as a sanctuary—a place to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate. She focuses on creating environments that reflect her clients' personalities and provides a sense of grounding and support. Far from a cookie-cutter approach, Suzanne's designs capture the essence of the individuals who inhabit them, making their spaces truly feel like home.

Contributing to the Community: Giving Back Through Design

Suzanne's commitment to her craft extends beyond her clients' homes and workspaces. She believes in the importance of giving back to her community and has served on various boards, contributed her expertise to numerous charitable organizations, and participated in events that make a positive impact. Suzanne's dedication to using her skills for the greater good is a testament to her passion and character.

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