Feng Shui Your Way To Faster Sales

Are you ready to have your listings stand out from the rest, attract more buyers, sell faster and stay ahead of the competition? Take a moment to read how your listings can benefit from Feng Shui, and then schedule a Feng Shui consultation for your current listings that haven’t sold as quickly as you would … Continue reading “Feng Shui Your Way To Faster Sales”

Feng Shui For Children

Chapter written by Suzanne Bank and reprinted from Natural Baby & Child Care by Dr. Lauren Feder. When you’re decorating your child’s room, consider Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system designed to create harmony and balance in our living spaces. Often life for our children can be hectic and overly stimulating, so it is all … Continue reading “Feng Shui For Children”

VoyageLA Article

Meet Suzanne Bank of Suzanne Bank Designs Today we’d like to introduce you to Suzanne Bank. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. I was a divorced mother of two young children when being divorced was not looked upon favorably … Continue reading “VoyageLA Article”

Feng Shui Your Home With Suzanne Bank

Every woman should have an experienced Feng Shui expert visit their home at least once with each new space you lease or buy. Know that Feng Shui is a powerful tool that’s been around for thousands of years. Simply stated…Feng Shui teaches that your life is affected by the energies in your surroundings, and those … Continue reading “Feng Shui Your Home With Suzanne Bank”

Simple Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

Did you know we are all affected by the positive and the negative energy in our surroundings, on both a conscious and unconscious level? According to the principles of Feng Shui, making adjustments or “cures” when called for, can improve health, finances and/or relationships. Standing at the front door, take a look at the outside … Continue reading “Simple Ways To Feng Shui Your Home”

Feng Shui Basics

I’ve been saying it for years and it’s more important than ever! We all need a haven to come home to, an indoor and/or an outdoor space to unwind, re-energize and rejuvenate. When you enter your private space or sanctuary and have the feeling of being greeted with a big hug, it can do wonders … Continue reading “Feng Shui Basics”