I combine the principles of Feng Shui with the aesthetics of my interior design background to use as framework, then I add my intuition which greatly influences my work.

My philosophy is to make a difference and to be of service. I bring together a unique solution that combines a wide range of ancient and modern techniques which I have been using successfully to solve environmental disharmonies. I provide a personalized and comprehensive road map for all my clients. My consultations are diverse and energetic. They involve several modalities when combined, promote well-being.

During the session at your home or office, I will make the changes I feel are necessary for shifts to occur. There will  be some ideas for you to follow up with after the session, where notes will be helpful. Clearing, arranging, and replacing varies with each client, and depends on the extent and involvement necessary to assist in discovering a new point of view.


To schedule a Feng Shui Design Consultation email or call (818) 760-2064.