Simple Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

Did you know we are all affected by the positive and the negative energy in our surroundings, on both a conscious and unconscious level? According to the principles of Feng Shui, making adjustments or “cures” when called for, can improve health, finances and/or relationships. Standing at the front door, take a look at the outside of your home. Is there another home or building that towers over yours, a driveway across the street that is directed towards your home, a school or church nearby, roof lines that point at your residence as if they are arrows? Is your front door below street level, are you living on a busy street or on a cul-de-sac? These are some of the reasons to use Feng Shui.

When most people think of Feng Shui, they think of it in relationship to the interior or inside space. The exterior or outside is also important. Use Feng Shui before you enter your own private domain. Visualize yourself arriving home. Do you use the front door to enter, or do you go through the garage? Is your path to the entry door clear of debris, wide enough and easy to walk on? If you are entering from the front, is the path in a straight line from the street to the door, which means the “chi” is flowing too fast both in and out, or does it meander so that the “chi” has a chance to flow gently?

Create a bright and welcoming entry at the front door of your home, one that welcomes you home and makes you feel good each time you leave or return. Does the door need to be cleaned, waxed or painted? If you’re thinking of repainting, red, black and green are auspicious colors, while white and wood stained are not. Does the door open and shut easily? Is your doorbell visible and in working order? Then, there’s your doormat. You’ll want it to be as wide as your front door. One that is narrower or smaller will limit the amount of good energy entering your home.

Now look at your mailbox. It receives and holds money and information for you. Keep it in good working condition, polished or painted, and have it clearly visible. Give the same attention to your address and have it be prominent from the street.

If there is space to do so, place a pair of matching potted flowers or lush green plants with rounded leaves on either side of the front door. This is for balance, energy and life. It is important that whatever you select is healthy, full and has height. The height will serve to lift the energy at the door. Don’t use little plants or plants of difference sizes if there are just two. Avoid using plants that have pointed leaves as they act as swords aimed at the person in their path. One more way to increase energy and the flow at the front door is by turning on your outside lights at night. Use soft white bulbs in your fixtures and have all lights working. If a bulb burns out change it, as burnt out bulbs are negative energy!

Next, how are the lawn and the landscaping? Green, healthy, balanced and well maintained are the key words. If you have brown spots on the lawn or dead plants remove the dead, see why the lawn has brown spots, and address the issue. It could be as simple as the sprinkler heads not working properly. Is your property well defined with shrubs or a fence?  Remember you want to deal with your issues, not the neighbors. Last on the list, how is the condition of the sidewalk in front of your home and the driveway?

Should you be living in an apartment or a condo, if you can, treat your front door with personality and make it your own.

If you have any of the issues covered here, know there is a cure.

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