Interior Design Studio City – Los Angeles

Once I get to know my client, the design process begins with an idea, evolves into a concept, and results in a warm and inviting space infused with positive energy. My goal is to have the environment become a sanctuary – a place to renew, refresh and rejuvenate – to feel grounded and supported. Far from a store bought look the home should reflect your personality and look as if you live there, not just visiting.

Focusing on existing architectural elements, or creating them, I interpret my client’s wish list and then together we develop the desired look. I explore the many possibilities using Carlton Wagner’s subconscious response to color and the Feng Shui philosophy. Adhering to the principle that form follows function, I define the room’s purpose, furniture placement and evaluate areas that need attention. To achieve this, every aspect of the design process is considered and discussed.

My eclectic style has been well received in stores, showrooms, offices, and residences. My signature can also be found in remodeling or updating homes and condos. When working with long distance clients, my goal is to achieve a stress-free, enjoyable project resulting in an ideal environment. Hearing a client say, “This is exactly what I would have done if I could do it”, is always an inspiration.

To schedule a Feng Shui Design Consultation email or call (818) 760-2064.