Feng Shui Your Way To Faster Sales

Are you ready to have your listings stand out from the rest, attract more buyers, sell faster and stay ahead of the competition? Take a moment to read how your listings can benefit from Feng Shui, and then schedule a Feng Shui consultation for your current listings that haven’t sold as quickly as you would like, or for new listings.

Applying Feng Shui principles can result in easier and faster property sales, producing results with or without staging. Should you choose to stage your listing or not, Feng Shui can help you achieve an immediate feeling of warmth and comfort upon entering a property and bring the added benefit of presenting homes that offer balance, flow and harmony.

A cross between art and science, Feng Shui has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. Suzanne Bank has successfully incorporated it in her designs since 1990. She has been featured numerous times in the Los Angeles Times and in national magazines highlighting her innovative interiors based on the principles of Feng Shui. Read what clients say about the results of her work at suzannebankdesigns.com and check out Suzanne Bank Designs on Houzz.com and Yelp.

Her scope of design work includes remodeling and new construction projects, single rooms to entire homes or condos, staging, model homes, Showcase Houses and real estate development. Suzanne has worked with celebrities as well as couples and individuals just getting started in life, evaluating her clients’ needs and excelling in interpreting their desires.

For the client who wants to keep what they have, she “does her magic” with their furnishing and accessories, achieving a fresh and totally new look, usually with only minor purchases required.

Suzanne Bank can be reached by phone at 818.760.2064 and by email at info@suzannebankdesigns.com

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