Feng Shui Your Home With Suzanne Bank

Every woman should have an experienced Feng Shui expert visit their home at least once with each new space you lease or buy. Know that Feng Shui is a powerful tool that’s been around for thousands of years. Simply stated…Feng Shui teaches that your life is affected by the energies in your surroundings, and those energies exist before you even enter your home, and possibly have been there even before you occupied the space you are now living or working in.

Unblocking and allowing the “chi” or life energy to flow in your home or workplace will create new possibilities for you. Somethings happen immediately and others will happen over time. Being aware of what needs to be done and then taking action, will lead to unexpected and beneficial results. One of our favorite MUST GO to Feng Shui experts we highly share you must connect with this season is – Suzanne Bank. She is a published Feng Shui designer.

Suzanne designs healthy, innovative spaces that reflect and support all of her client’s daily needs. She will find where balance, flow and harmony need help and recognize where blockages in the home cause blockages in one’s life. Her work begins with an energy clearing she has added to her services for all her clients for the past twenty years. To date, Suzanne has yet to find a space that doesn’t need a clearing.

The best news – she works with the existing furniture, art and accessories to create a new environment out of the old.

Suzanne states: When I leave my client, their space has a new look and a new feel. Most likely purchases will not be needed to be made as I find clients have more than they need. If a purchase is necessary, it’s usually a minor one.

Suzanne’s clients include celebrities, business professionals, CEO’s, young couples just starting out, and everything in between. Her work can be seen at houzz.com/suzannebank designs. Connect with her direct at design@suzannebank.com or by phone at 818.760.2064.

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