The Practice of Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “Fung Shway”) is known as the Chinese Art of Placement, and its influence is referred to as “chi,” or life force or energy. It is a powerful tool, a cross between an art and a science that has been practiced for thousands of years.

The underlying premise of Feng Shui is that everything in your environment, down to the smallest detail of furnishings and décor, can either further your goals in life or work against you, and that positioning yourself in alignment with the natural flow of “chí” helps you attain your goals and dreams. When applied to your home or business, Feng Shui can transform your life, increasing your finances, improving your health and creating harmony in your relationships. The effects can be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.

To increase positive results, I begin with an energy clearing to find and remove existing negative energies. I then integrate Feng Shui principles with my background in interior design to ground the positive energy, for longer-lasting results.

I first discovered Feng Shui in 1988 when I read an article about it in the Los Angeles Times. I was totally fascinated. It was new and exciting information for me, and I had to know more. I phoned everyone interviewed in the article, to find they spoke only Chinese! For two years I searched for someone to teach me the principles of Feng Shui. Finally, in 1990 I was introduced to Dr. Lin from Monterrey Park, who liked the idea of a Western interior designer being interested in learning an Eastern art form. I had numerous sessions with him and a translator. Later, I was fortunate to study with Master Lin Yun, founding father of the Black Hat Sect. His form of Feng Shui is the most commonly practiced in America and uses the Baqua, which is shown here. Since 1990, I have continued to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui in all of my work.

New unfavorable energies and blockages could occur over time based on contact with other people, and alterations or additions to your space. Therefore, periodic check-ins and tune-ups are encouraged; think of them as you would a yearly visit to your doctor.


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