Designing Energy-Balanced Environments

Energy-Balanced Environments

Energy-Balanced Environments: where positive energy flows unblocked, creating an openness that welcomes, comforts, and supports the individual surrounded by the environments where they live or work.

An Uplifting Process That Is Positively Energizing

At Suzanne Bank Designs, when we focus on a client’s environment during a scheduled session, we flow through a process comprising: assessing exterior and interior environments, clearing negative energy, realigning, protecting, opening energy flow, and often strategically placing personal artifacts and furnishings to enhance and balance the energy. Our work always leverages our decades of experience with masterful timeless design and draws from our deep familiarity applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Clients often tell us that combining our intuition and our process delivers results that go far beyond enhancing their positive feelings about themselves, their home, where they work, and their surroundings.

New Possibilities From Ancient Wisdom and Timeless Design

We love combining ancient wisdom and timeless design to create harmony in environments. Our approach to design enables each client to experience positive energy shifts clearing their path. When a client is open to a new chapter in their life or career, our work often transforms and uplifts the client to step into new possibilities and new ways of looking at life.

A Moving Experience — Fun Arrives and Stress Goes Away

We understand that moving to a new environment to live or work elevates stress and anxiety. Whether your move is desired or not, there is going to be more stress, and even more when you are in “moving limbo” and your life is “on hold”. When a client requests our “Stress Away Moving Package”, their stress is reduced as they are guided smoothly through what they had expected to be a difficult and unknown situation. Imagine your “move” becoming pain-free, fun, and a positive process. After an energy clearing of the new home or office, the client sees the new space come alive to include all the things they love.

Refreshing What Felt Old

We want you to know that often a fresh new look is conceived using your existing furnishings. We masterfully rearrange furniture, art, and accessories. The completed re-alignment produces positive energy, joy, and harmony, with results to move you forward in your life.

Shifts Happen That Are Personal To You

During the session at home or the workplace, changes are made so that shifts occur in the environments and in the lives they support. Each client is asked to take notes for follow-up after the session. There could be an item or two to purchase. Most often clients have everything they need. Clearing, arranging, and replacing varies with each client, and depends on the extent and involvement necessary to assist in discovering a new view.

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